Volunteer During the Event

Volunteer for the IPC15 Taiwan 2024

Join us in the heat of the action to help making this inspiring event a great success !

Thank you for coming into this page!

We have volunteering opportunities for the IPC15 convergence (Dec 4 – Dec 8, 2024) !

At the time of the IPC event, and immediately before the event, we will require all hands on the deck! For those who would like to volunteer part-time during the event in return for a registration fee discount, we are offering the following work-exchange agreement :

  • Those who apply to help during the convergence (Dec 4 – Dec 8, 2024). Please fill in the volunteer application form first. 
  • You will need to arrive at the convergence venue 7 days in advance (before Nov 27, 2024). In general, convergence volunteers will not be able to attend the Conference.  
  • You will be required to work for a four-hour shift daily during the event (Dec 4 – Dec 8, 2024) , and six hours per day for 7 days before the event (Nov 27 – Dec 3, 2024).
  • Once your volunteer application is approved, you’ll receive a volunteer code, which you can go to the register form by this code and receive NTD 6,200 (USD210) discount. 
  • If you are unable to arrive on the reporting date, the registration as ‘volunteer’ will be canceled and you won’t receive NTD 6,200 (USD210) discount. 
  • If you are unable to show up on Nov 27 but you still want to participate in IPC15, you need to pay the balance fee (depending on which price applied on that date).
  • Limited tickets for volunteers are available. Last date for application is June 15, 2024 or when we recruit enough volunteers, the application form will be closed.

Once your application is approved, we’ll send you an email. If you are sure of your travel plans and can commit to be a volunteer during the convergence, please reply to us asap.


We want the volunteer period to be a fun and enjoyable experience for you!

We are looking for serious volunteers interested in learning and putting into practice permaculture ethics and principles while contributing to the progress to the work:

  1. Teamwork
  • Volunteers will work under the guidance of the IPC15 Taiwan Organizing team.
  • Volunteers are expected to work in tandem – any task taken in hand should preferably be completed or suitably handed over!
  1. Accommodation and Meals
  • As a volunteer during/and 7 days before the Convergence, you will need to pay for the accommodation fee, and the meals are included in the registration fee.  
  • Volunteers will be living in a campsite of the venue, which is a indigenous community of Taiwan.  Please be sensitive about the custom of the community. (Orientation information will be provided upon your arrival.)
  • You are expected to deploy, conserve, and recycle the resources innovatively and in a sustainable way.
  • If you would like to help as a  volunteer days/or months earlier than Nov 26, please contact the secretariat of IPC @ ipc15tw@earthpassengers.org.
  1. Hours and holidays
  • Before the convergence, you need to work for 6 hours per day. 
  • During the convergence, you need to work for 4 hours per day.  You can participate in the convergence once your shift is finished.
  • You may also avail leave for personal reasons – you will coordinate with our IPC volunteer coordinator so that the task at hand does not get hampered.

Last day to apply for volunteering is June 15, 2024! If you have any question on volunteering, please write to ipc15tw@earthpassengers.org.

Please make sure to read Terms and conditions before applying.

Terms and Conditions

Every candidate selected for volunteering with IPC15 Taiwan 2024 will be required to confirm acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

  1. You have gone through the IPC15 Taiwan 2024 website and understood fully the nature of activity, project, and risks involved.
  2. Volunteering with IPC15 Taiwan 2024 doesn’t result in payment of any remuneration for the work done. Also you will not be reimbursed any personal travelling expenses and incidentals of any kind.
  3. You agree to pay the registration fee. If your volunteer application is approved, you’ll get NTD6,200 refund in cash on Dec 8, 2024.
  4. If your nationality is other than Taiwan and you intend to volunteer with IPC15 Taiwan 2024, then the responsibility entirely lies with you to obtain all the required permissions, approvals and documents such as visa etc. from the authorities. Also, you must strictly follow the lawsㄩ of the land governing your stay with us and indemnify us from any loss or damage that can occur due to your failure to follow rules by intentional or unintentional deeds.
  5. You should always be guided by the IPC15 Taiwan 2024 Volunteer Lead in all work-related matters.
  6. Every volunteer is responsible for their own health and safety, medical and hospitalisation expenses in case of sickness, injury and/or hospitalisation.
  7. There will be zero tolerance for alcohol, drugs and indulging in any unlawful activities during your stay with us as a volunteer.
  8. All the rights for content, design, process and structures developed in the process of volunteering with IPC15 Taiwan 2024 are vested with the host Earth Passengers Permaculture Design only.
  9. You will maintain confidentiality of all information and databases with respect to IPC15 Taiwan 2024 and Earth Passengers Permaculture Design that you have access to, during the course of your volunteering assignment. You will not share any such information or database with third parties, nor use the same yourself without the permission of Earth Passengers Permaculture Design. This applies specially to contact details of various groups of people. One cannot use this for communicating to them any information other than what they have subscribed to.
  10. The volunteering assignment can be terminated by either side.  IPC15 Taiwan 2024 commits to having a discussion with the volunteer and giving at least 3 days’ notice in case of termination, except in grave circumstances such as criminal misconduct, sexual harassment and unlawful activities. The volunteer is also encouraged to give at least 3 days’ notice before terminating the assignment from her/his side, and ensure a proper knowledge transfer and handover of all work done during the assignment.
  11. You will always uphold the sustainable practices, Permaculture ethics and dignity of all co volunteers irrespective of their gender, origin, sexual preference, colour or appearance.