Venues and Transportation

Earth Passengers

Earth Passengers Permaculture Learning Center is located in on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Taitung County, just south of Hsingchang Village and north of Dulan Village.  The area is a traditional territory of one of the indigenous peoples, Amis.  Hsingchang is also called Pa’anifong in Amis language, meaning ‘soup with abundant ingredients’, and Dulan in Amis language, is A’tolan, meaning ‘a place full of rocks’.  Learn the principles and thought processes we follow in the design of our energy, water, food and community systems to achieve greater degrees of resilience for coping with future uncertainties. Among some of the elements and skills woven into our homestead design include poultry tractor systems, food forestry, fungi farming, solar cooking and drying, wood fueled kitchen systems, natural building, and human powered technology. You will also have a chance to see our local currency (Mibi) in action.  

A short introduction of the course venue https://earthpassengers.org/education-center

Detail information for travelling to the Pre-IPC course venue would be sent to the participants in email.


Ten Drum Qiaotou Creative Park

The Conference portion of IPC15 will be held in Kaohsiung City, at the Chiaotou Sugar Factory. We chose this site for its easy accessibility by rail from anywhere in Taiwan, as well as it’s attributes as a century-old defunct factory repurposed as a site for various social gatherings from weddings and artistic performances to civic conferences and government meetings. Located of the urban edge as well as the edge of time, the sense of history here may help us focus on the theme of urban and rural connections, and envision a permaculture future beyond the next century.

825, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Qiaotou District, Tangchang Rd, No. 24

Address:  825, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, Qiaotou District, Tangchang Rd, No.24


  • Please note that If you are taking the pre-IPC PDC, there will be a shuttle bus from the course venue to the conference site.  


  • By Plane
    • Take a flight to Kaohsiung International Airport. Then, take Kaohsiung Metro Red Line from R4 Kaohsiung International Airport Station to R23 Ciaotou Station Exit 1. It’s about a 5-minute walk from there.


  • By Train
    • Take a train to Qiaotou Railway Station, then head towards Exit 1 of Kaohsiung MRT (Metro) R23 Ciaotou Station. It’s about a 5-minute walk from there.


  • By MRT
    • Take Kaohsiung Metro Red Line to R23 Ciaotou Station. Exit the station from Exit 1 and walk about 5 minutes to reach the IPC conference site.


  • By High-Speed Rail (HSR)
    • Take the High Speed Rail to Zuoying Station. Transfer to a train or Kaohsiung Metro to Qiaotou Railway Station. Exit the station from Exit 1 and walk about 5 minutes to reach the IPC conference site.


Taromak Tribe

The Convergence portion of IPC15 will be held in Taromak Village, the largest Rukai community in Taitung County. Taromak is significant in the history of Taiwan’s permaculture beginnings as several of Earth Passengers’ early PDCs were held here with guest teachers Robyn Francis and Darren Doherty. The village is well-known in Taiwan’s sustainability circles and many residents are familiar with permaculture concepts and practices. We want to acknowledge Taromak’s generosity in helping us host this event, offering the use of their festival site and providing essential services (including food, water, electricity) to make this Convergence safe and comfortable.  

Taromak is the only Rukai village located in eastern Taiwan. The word Taromak consists of the Rukai word ta (meaning our) and roma (home); when combined, the word has the meaning of the place of origin. However, the tribespeople have another interpretation for the word in that it symbolizes brave and united people. Starting from the guardian angel stone carving at the entrance to the village, visitors can see the fire memorial museum, Rukai living museum, and the chieftain’s house. Besides visiting the village, the Danan River ecological tour is the perfect destination for a river trekking experience.

954, Taiwan, Taitung County, Beinan Township, St. Dongyuan 3rd

  • From Taitung City
    • Taitung Bus Station —> Taromak