Application for Scholarship

Application for Scholarship to IPC15 Taiwan 2024 in Taiwan for Delegates from Developing Countries

Dear friends of Permaculture! 

We want as many people as possible from countries all over the world to join us at IPC Taiwan 2024. Please help us to reach this aim and try to support yourself with the help of your association or the people around you.

If you cannot find other support, please submit your application. We will select from the applications and decide if we can support you to come to IPC Taiwan 2024.

Please note that we will only support people who are already experienced in Permaculture work. If you receive scholarship, you will be a delegate from your country and from any organization you belong to.

You need to have knowledge of English language and we would like you to have some experience in travelling.

You will need financial support from your association or private supporters around you because we want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to come to Taiwan. We will not be able to send you money for travelling to the airport in your country or for your Visa. As a minimum, you need to get financial help in your country for that.

The support for delegates will cover from 100% to partial support, depending on each submission.  100% support meaning the Conference and the Convergence – that means: Nov 30 – Dec 1, Dec 4 – Dec 8, 2024 – no edge events and other activities will be included.  

We are only able to accept applications from citizens of ‘developing countries’ – see a list here DAC – List for developing countries (The list is the best we can find to show ‘developing countries’ in terms of economical cooperation and development to 2023).

If you get the scholarship from IPC15, you are expected to provide a presentation in IPC15 convergence. About becoming a presenter, read more here

Closing date for applying for scholarships is June 15, 2024.