IPC – Convergence

Convergence (5 days in Taitung County)
After the 2-day conference in the city, the convergence will move out to a more rural setting (Taromak village in Taidong) for 5 days of over a hundred presentations by local and world-renowned permaculturists. Participants can freely choose from a variety of presentations, demos, workshops and forums in different themes every day. Participants are also welcome to initiate their own sharing during available open slots in the schedule. Children’s activities will also be provided. If you are bringing your children, please refer to the registration guidelines.

The convergence is an opportunity for the permaculture practitioners and ecological-conscious individuals to collaborate, learn, and share ways to fortify the permaculture movement around the world.

The IPC participants include educators, farmers, designers, people from all kinds of background, who is interested in regenerative initiatives, and there would also be representatives from  government institutions and departments, NGOs, and Universities.  This is your chance to gain access to the philosophy and practices of permaculture, and exchange information and experiences with regenerative designers in the global permaculture communities.

Please follow this website for program update. If you are interested in becoming a presenter during the convergence, press here.

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