Thank you very much to all our sponsors and partners!

We are delighted to have the support of the following organizations which help us shape this event and make it a great success.  IPC15 is a voluntary effort with sparse funding and we continue to seek sponsors

IPC15 is a voluntary effort with sparse funding and we continue to seek sponsorship partners

Star Hostel Taichung Parklane

Star Hostel offers a comfortable accommodation experience by providing a space that aims to restore the relationship between people and the environment and between each other. Here, travelers can rediscover a genuine connection with each other and explore the daily life of the local Taiwanese. Star Hostel is an advocate of a sustainable lifestyle and encourages the traveler to do the same by offering guidance as it strives to become the hostel brand that impacts the environment the least.

Extending Taichung’s vertical city garden concept, Star Hostel incorporates the greenhouse trellis into its interior design so both nature and travelers alike can find accommodation. The communal space features floor-to-ceiling glasses and an outdoor terrace, allowing the traveler to drink in the city skyline. Inside, extensive use of the Japanese cedar, selected for its sustainability, creates a calm, natural atmosphere and offers the tranquility of the forest in the middle of the bustling city.

The Hostel started as a resting space for the traveler that calls for introspection of the essence of traveling and living. More than just a place to recharge the weary body, Star Hostel fosters the reconnection with people, with nature and inspires sustainable living.

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