Pre-IPC Permaculture Design Course

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Immerse yourself in permaculture for a 2-week living, learning trip before the special event of the global permaculture communities – International Permaculture Convergence in TAIWAN.  Be empowered with knowledge and skills to design your property, create abundance, build resilient communities, regenerate the land and bring practical solutions into your personal life, profession and workplace.

A comprehensive exploration of permaculture principles, applications & design practices, the over 100 hour PDC includes the standard 72-hour international PDC curriculum. It addresses all major climatic zones (temperate, subtropic, tropical & arid) and the breadth of permaculture applications for regenerative urban, rural & bioregional design and development.

  • Course Topics

• Permaculture principles, ethics, design methodologies, & pathways to sustainability
• Patterns and processes in nature, biome approach to sustainable management, essential earth systems science and understanding global climate influences
• Soil ecology, organic soil management, mulches and compost
• Water management planning, collection, storage and conservation, earthworks and aquaculture
• Forest ecosystems and design of forests for food, forage, fiber, structural materials, habitat, conservation, wildlife, tree-cropping and farm forestry
• Food producing systems for home gardens, small holdings, urban systems to broad acre farmlands
• Design to reduce vulnerability to fire, drought, natural disasters, and impacts of global climate change
• Appropriate technology, renewable energy systems, and passive solar house design
• Bioregional & community development strategies, urban renewal, eco-village design, community economics, legal structures, community gardens and city farms

  • This course is a roadmap for meeting the challenges of climate breakdown and ecological collapse through practical strategies for adaption, mitigation and restoration.
  •  This training gives special attention to climatic zones represented by course participants. The course meets a common international standard as a foundation course for permaculture practitioners and teachers.

Skills & Knowledge you will learn

• integrated approach to earth systems science, working with ecological processes and planetary life sustaining systems
• Practical design for low energy productive urban and rural environments: domestic to broad-scale
• Holistic approach to sustainable land use planning, conservation and resource management
• Creative problem solving and participatory processes to facilitate positive change
• Tools for community building, bioregional sustainability & transition initiatives
• Strategies for individual, enterprise and community response to resource depletion, climate change, globalization, and challenges of the 21stC

Who should attend a PDC?

• Individuals concerned with sustainable lifestyle and self-reliance
• Property owners (rural and urban) and developers
• Educators, community workers and people involved in transition initiatives
• Workers and volunteers involved in sustainable aid and development
• Environmental and social activists
• Professionals such as architects, planners, engineers, biological and social sciences
• Trades: builders, electrics, plumbers etc
• All sectors of sustainable horticulture, agriculture, conservation & land management practices.

  • The 2-week intensive PDC at Earth Passengers Permaculture Garden and Learning Center is an inspiring and empowering experience, in a living working permaculture farm where the concepts taught are practiced. Located in the beautiful Pacific Ocean side, an area famous for it’s natural beauty, and indigenous Amis culture.
  • Course Catering the course will cater lunch and dinner everyday  (except for the free day) 
  • Fair-Share Exchange and multiple registration/couple discounts – please contact us to enquire.
  •  5% off for couples or multiple people registering together.
    •  Fair Share: we offer limited opportunities for partial work exchange for low income applicants – please enquire about our FairShare program.
    • Refresher PDC discount: For those who’ve already done a PDC and want to hone up your knowledge and skills through a refresher course, we also offer a special refresher PDC discount. Please email us

Other details would be emailed to the participants once we receive your registration.

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